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The Crystal Caves are one of the top Bermuda Attractions near our Bermuda Resort.

Bermuda Crystal Caves is a natural Bermuda Attraction that draws visitors from across the globe. Spend a day exploring these attractions during your next stay at our Bermuda Resort.

About Bermuda Crystal Caves:
In 1905, two twelve-year-old boys, Edgar Hollis and Carl Gibbons, were playing cricket in Hamilton Parish when their cricket ball disappeared down a hole. Since it was their only ball, they made every effort to retrieve it. They followed the ball down the hole and found it 140 feet down. They also found an undiscovered natural phenomenon underneath the island of Bermuda: the Bermuda Crystal Caves.

When the Wilkinson Family, the owners of the property the cave lies beneath, learned about the discovery, they wasted no time exploring the caves. They tied one end of a rope to a tree and the other end to 14-year-old Bernard Wilkinson. They handed the boy a bicycle lamp and lowered him down the 140 feet into the caves. 

What Bernard saw were crystal formations descending from the roof of the caves, a crystal clear subterranean lake, and amazing rock formations. In 1908 the caves were opened to the public for the first time as a major Bermuda Attraction.

American author Mark Twain was the first tourist to descend into the caves. He touted the natural wonder as “the most beautiful caves in the world”. The geology of the caves spans back to their origins some 1.6 million years ago, during the Pleistocene Ice Age. In this period, most of Earth’s oceans froze which caused a major reduction in sea levels. Rainwater permeating the island’s limestone, over millennia, created all the caves, including Bermuda Crystal Cave and the gorgeous crystal formations that we see today.

If you’re planning a stay at our Oceanfront Bermuda Resort then don’t miss the chance to explore this unforgettable Bermuda Attraction. Add the Bermuda Crystal Caves to your list of can’t-miss Attractions in Bermuda!

Daily – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tours begin every 20 minutes

Crystal Cave & Fantasy Cave
Adults: $22
Under 12: $10
Under 5: free

Combination ticket
Adults: $30
Under 12: $12
Under 5: free

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