Fort Saint Catherine, Bermuda Fort

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Bermuda Forts are Attractions in Bermuda that allow visitors to explore local history.

Bermuda Forts are some of the historic Attractions in Bermuda that attract tourists from around the world. Spend the day exploring these Attractions during your stay at our Resort in Bermuda. 

About Bermuda Forts:
Some guests at our Resort in Bermuda love to explore local history. One way to do that is by visiting the nearby Bermuda Forts. These Attractions in Bermuda are a fun addition to any stay at our oceanfront Resort in Bermuda.

Due to its location in the North Atlantic, Bermuda has found itself mixed up in in maritime history since the dawn of the Age of Sail. First sighted by Spanish navigator Juan de Bermúdez while sailing back to Spain from Hispaniola, now the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Bermúdez claimed the island for the Spanish Empire and it was named for him even though Bermúdez never made landfall in Bermuda.

After Bermúdez, the Spanish and Portuguese would go to Bermuda to resupply meat and water. It wasn’t settled until 1612. The British started early settlements on the island under Governor Richard Moore. It was during this period that we see the earliest examples of Bermuda Forts. Later the British would establish a permanent settlement on the island and construct many fine examples of the Empire’s fortifications, many of which are now Attractions in Bermuda.

Easily one of the most popular of these Attractions in Bermuda is Fort Hamilton. Located in Pembroke Parish, Fort Hamilton was built in the 1870s for the purpose of protecting Hamilton Harbor and the western Royal Navy Dockyard. Now it stands as a vantage point for visitors to view the Harbor and surrounding landscape. You can also marvel at the forts armaments and ramparts. Interestingly, the cannons at Hamilton Fort were never fired in defense of the port.

Fort St. Catherine is one of the islands earliest forts. Planning for the fort began in 1609 and construction commenced in 1612. Originally built from wood, Fort St. Catherine underwent several alterations. The last one of these, in 1614, had the fort made of stone and is what we see today, with her armaments intact.

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