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Parasailing | Activities in Bermuda

Parasailing is a top Thing to do in Bermuda and will be a highlight of your stay.

Parasailing in Bermuda is fun for most ages, and this Activity in Bermuda gives you a bird’s-eye-view of the gorgeous waters near our Oceanfront Bermuda Resort.

About Parasailing in Bermuda:
Get a different perspective on things by Parasailing over the azure waters of Bermuda! Of all the Things to do in in Bermuda, seeing Bermuda while flying through the air must be near the top of your itinerary.

This Activity in Bermuda is safe, and no special skills are needed. Parasailing not only allows you to fly, but you can catch a bird’s-eye view of coral reefs, survey the contours of the island’s coastline, spot secluded coves you may have missed from the ground, and more. This can be a good way to spot points of interest that you may want to explore later on.

Parasailing apparatus can be the sit-down type rigs similar to a bosun chair, or a harness similar to what one would see on skydiving equipment. Once in the gear, the operator will launch the parasailer from a deck on the rear of the boat. Most outfits offering parasailing are equipped to fly a single person or two at a time in a side-by-side configuration. The parasailers need never touch the water unless requested.

K.S. Watersports is one parasailing company with 3 locations on the island. On the West End, K.S. is based out of Dockyard, Bermuda’s main cruise terminal. In Central, they operate out of the Hamilton Princess Hotel and Marina in Hamilton, and on the East End in St. George on the waterfront at 8 King’s Square.

Once you’re back on terra firma, Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa has plenty of other Activities in Bermuda to keep you busy. You can stick your toes in the sand and catch up on some reading, or stay active with SCUBA, snorkeling, or jet skiing.  

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