Kid-Friendly Bermuda Activities, Bermuda Things to Do

6 Kid-Friendly Bermuda Attractions

Keep these Bermuda Attractions in mind as you plan your family stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa.

Tue, 10/17/2017

Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa is the perfect choice for a family vacation in Bermuda. Our Oceanfront Resort offers lots of Activities for the kids, and we even offer babysitting services so mom and dad can enjoy a quiet dinner. Many kid-friendly Bermuda Attractions are located nearby including these 6 popular choices.

Dolphin Quest
What kid wouldn’t love the chance to swim with dolphins? Dolphin Quest is a Bermuda Attraction where this dream can come to life. The entire family will enjoy the chance to swim with the dolphins and learn about their training. You can choose from several different experiences, and there are even some that are suitable for non-swimmers. Don’t miss the chance to get up close to these beautiful creatures during your stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa.

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
SCUBA diving is an exciting Bermuda Thing to Do, but it’s not suitable for all ages. Happily, this Bermuda Attraction can give visitors the experience of diving without the need to even get wet. The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute offers a simulated dive that shows whales, sharks, jelly fish, and much more. You’ll also have the chance to try on SCUBA gear

Bermuda Crystal Caves
Visiting the Crystal Caves is a popular Bermuda Thing to Do, and young kids will feel like they are on the ultimate adventure as they descend the 80 steps into the cave. There they will be surrounded by beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites with some meeting to form columns. This Bermuda Attraction also features a lovely lake. The guide will be more than happy to answer questions from both kids and adults. Add this Attraction to your itinerary during your stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort.

Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo
It’s not one of the biggest zoos in the world, but it is home to an array of colorful birds, including pink flamingos, and reptiles. The giant aquarium is quite impressive. The 145,000-gallon tank is home to sharks, barracudas, and other fish that can be found on Bermuda’s North Rock Reef. This tank has been created to give visitors a look at the reef, so the tank also includes colorful coral. The third part of this Bermuda Attraction is a Natural History Museum that features a few interesting exhibits such as one on ship building.

Hartley’s Undersea Walk
Kids at least 5 years old can take part in the adventures at this fun Bermuda Attraction. Your whole family can put on big square helmets and wetsuits and go for a stroll on the ocean floor. This Bermuda Thing to Do is a great choice when you have younger children and want an undersea experience.

The Beach!
Could a list of kid-friendly Bermuda Attractions be complete with including the beach? No way! Many of the best Bermuda Things to Do take place at or near the beach. Kids love digging in the pink sand, wading out into the water, paddle boarding, parasailing, and much more. Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort boasts a private beach, so you’ll find it’s easy to keep an eye on your kids (no massive crowds) while enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean. 

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