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6 Top Dive Spots Near Our Bermuda Resort

SCUBA diving is a popular Bermuda Activity, and here are some of the best places to dive near our Bermuda Resort.

Wed, 04/04/2018

One thing that is great about a stay at our Bermuda Resort is that you can spend your days doing as little or as much as you’d like. While relaxing is often top on the agenda for guests at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort, many of our guests also want to enjoy all the many exciting Bermuda Activities that are available nearby. SCUBA diving is one popular Activity on Bermuda, and there are many wonderful dive spots near our resort.

Mary Celestia
There is something especially exciting and haunting about shipwreck diving. This paddlewheel steamer went down during the Civil War, but it’s still giving up its secrets. In fact, just 6 years ago, intact bottles of wine were discovered in the wreck.

This site is a must for many reasons – one being the rich marine life that has made this wreck home. The other reason you want to try to make it here is to see the way the light shoots through the windows. It’s eerily beautiful.

North Carolina
This wreck, which went down in 1879, is quite well preserved, so there is much for SCUBA divers to explore. You’ll share space in the ship’s bow, mast, stern with the variety of marine life that hang out there.

South West Breaker
Both hard and soft coral adorn the walls of this of popular diving spot which is a hit with both novice and experienced divers.

Cristobol Colon
This is the biggest wreck off Bermuda. The luxury liner wrecked in 1936 and now rests in relatively shallow waters (30-55 feet), making it popular with divers of various skill levels.

Tarpon Hole
This is one of the most beautiful coral reefs off the shores of Bermuda. You’ll see a variety of coral and rich marine life. Tarpon Hole is also quite close to our Bermuda Resort, so you won’t have to venture far.

Diving is one of the many Bermuda Activities you can enjoy during a stay at our Bermuda Resort. We offer many onsite Activities, and our private stretch of pink sand beach is perfect for those who want a little solitude away from the large crowds. Plan your visit today! View our current list of Special Offers and then call 800.223.7434 to make your reservation at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa!

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