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7 Top Bermuda Activities

Guests at our Oceanfront Bermuda Resort will find many ways to spend their time including these 7 popular Activities in Bermuda!

Tue, 09/05/2017

The beautiful weather. The pink sand beaches.  The clear water. The endless blue skies. Those are a few of the reasons that a vacation in Bermuda is a fabulous choice. While some guests at our Oceanfront Bermuda Resort want nothing more than to stick their toes in the sand on our private beach, others want to fill their days with Bermuda Activities – and there are plenty of options. Read about 7 of the top Activities in Bermuda and then view our gorgeous Guest Rooms as you start planning your own Bermuda adventure!

Swimming with Dolphins
Some guests at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa are thrilled for a chance to get up close and personal with dolphins. At Dolphin Quest, visitors of all ages can enjoy this exciting Bermuda Activity. Several different experiences are available. Even young children who can’t yet swim can take part in this family-friendly Activity in Bermuda. Experiences at Dolphin Quest range from a half hour dolphin meet and greet to a week-long dolphin trainer program. This popular Activity will be a highlight of your stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort.

Deep Sea Fishing
Head out into the deep water with an experienced crew, and prepare to write your own fishing tale that you’ll be able to brag about for years to come! The deep waters off Bermuda are home to some of the biggest Blue Marlin you’ll ever see. The 2nd biggest Blue Marlin ever caught weighed in at an astonishing 1,352 pounds, and was reeled in by a local charter captain. For anyone who loves to fish, this Activity in Bermuda is not to be missed.

SCUBA Diving
Some come to our Oceanfront Bermuda Resort simply because they know some of the very best SCUBA diving can be had here. Whether you want to explore the coral reefs and enjoy the beauty of the abundant marine life or want to explore one of the many wrecks located in the waters off of Bermuda, SCUBA divers will find lots of spots to keep them busy. You’ll find spots for both beginning and experienced divers, so you can enjoy SCUBA in Bermuda no matter how long you’ve been diving.

Even those without SCUBA credentials can enjoy the beauty of what lies beneath the ocean’s surface! Snorkeling is a fun Bermuda Activity that almost anyone can enjoy. Options include exploring the open waters or the shallows just off the beach. This is a Bermuda adventure that the family can all enjoy together, and no special training or skills are required.

Glass Bottom Boat Rides
Another way to see what’s going on beneath the water is to take a ride on a glass bottom boat. You can enjoy the ocean’s beauty without even getting your feet wet! Instead, you’ll be on a safe, comfortable boat equipped with bathrooms and a bar. Sip on a tropical drink while your guide explains what to look for as you spend a few hours on the gorgeous waters off Bermuda.

Trail Riding
Trail riding is a Bermuda Activity that is a great way to explore. You’ll meander through villages, jungle, along scenic beaches, and more as your guide leads you and your horse through some of the most picturesque parts of the Island. Several different trail rides are available. If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly Activity in Bermuda then this is a great choice.

Cliff Jumping
This list ends with a bang as some guests at our Oceanfront Bermuda Resort want to take part in an extreme adventure such as cliff jumping. There are several places where the rocks jut out over the ocean, and these spots call to adrenaline junkies who just can’t resist the urge to jump off of them and plunge into the inviting waters below. If you’re determined to do some cliff jumping during your stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa then be sure to do your research and pick a spot that is deep enough and where fewer injuries have occurred.

These are just a few examples of the many Bermuda Activities that are available near our Oceanfront Bermuda Resort! Whether you want to fill your days with Activities or spend countless hours lounging on the beach, Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa has everything you could want and more!

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