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6 Fun Facts about America’s Cup

Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort is proud to host Team Oracle, America’s Cup defending team.

Mon, 03/06/2017

At Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort, we are honored to be hosting the defending team in the America’s Cup. Team Oracle will be at our beautiful Bermuda resort while they compete in the 35th America’s Cup. This prestigious competition first took place in 1851 and, while those in the sailing world are familiar with the competition, some of our other guests are not. As the June competition draws near, we wanted to provide some facts about America’s Cup.

The Name
America’s Cup wasn’t named for a location. Instead it was named after a schooner which handily beat the British in a competition. That schooner was later owned by the New York Yacht Club for many years until they finally sold it. The yacht club also donated the trophy with the stipulation that it was to continue to be a challenge cup during this race between nations.

“Your Majesty, There is No Second.”
This phrase is considered the America’s Cup motto, but where did it come from? During the very first race Queen Elizabeth asked which team was in second place. The phrase, which is now the motto, is what the Queen’s attendant uttered in reply.

The Winners
Yes, the original race took place in Cowes, but the British have never managed to get their hands on the cup. Overwhelmingly, the winners have been an American team (28 times). New Zealand and Switzerland each bested the Americans twice while Australia enjoyed one win.

The Location
Who decides where the next race will take place? The winning team! When they won the last America’s Cup, Team Oracle chose Bermuda – and we are so glad they did!

Want to Enter? You Might Need a 2nd Job
Entering the America’s Cup costs a whopping $2 million per team.

The Cup is Kind of a Diva
The America’s Cup trophy, nicknamed Auld Mug, travels with an entourage of bodyguards and caretakers. That might seem like overkill until you learn that Auld Mug was attacked by a sledgehammer in 1997 despite being in a protective case.

If you’re planning a summer visit to our beautiful Bermuda resort, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot the sailors and to attend some of the America’s Cup related events taking place throughout the Island. 

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