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Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race | Bermuda Events

The Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race is a popular biennial Bermuda Event.

Fri, 06/10/2016 to Fri, 06/17/2016

The Annapolis to Bermuda Race draws sailing enthusiasts from around the world. Our Bermuda Hotel welcomes guests who come for this and other Events in Bermuda.

About the Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race:     
The first Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race took place in the summer of 1979. The race, which covers 753 miles and is the longest ocean race on the eastern seaboard, draws top sailors. The race takes place every other year, and it attracts crews from around the world.

The difficulty of the race is measured in more than just nautical miles. Getting underway from Annapolis, tucked into the northern part of Chesapeake Bay, will test crews with unpredictable winds, considerable shipping traffic, and other navigational hazards.

Once they’re on the Atlantic, the Gulf Stream’s currents and the potential for heavy weather will keep even the most experienced crews on deck. The challenging intercoastal passage combined with the blue water voyage across the Gulf Stream requires an advanced skillset from each crew.

Entry into this Bermuda Event is limited to 50 entries. For those who are new to ocean racing, mentoring is available to guide crews through the entry process, advice on pertinent information such as provisions and preparation, is also part of the mentoring process.  

Ocean-loving participants will find plenty of Activities to enjoy should they choose to spend some time nearby after the race. SCUBA and snorkeling, jet skiing, and other Activities are a few ways to enjoy time spent near our Bermuda Hotel.

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