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The Non Mariners Race is a fun and quirky Event in Bermuda.

Sun, 07/31/2016

The Non Mariners Race is an Event in Bermuda that has taken place for three decades, and has welcomed participants from around the world.

About the Non Mariners Race:
The Non Mariners Race takes place the first Sunday after another top Event in Bermuda – the Cup Match. The Non Mariners Race takes place in Mangrove Bay in Sandys Parish. This fun race is a chance to show off creativity, whimsy, and just have a good time navigating the waters.

There are several chances throughout the year for serious mariners to show off their skills. This Event in Bermuda is not necessarily one of those Events. Instead of months of planning and careful thought going in to how to win, many who participate in the Non Mariners Race do so with only a few hours of planning. But the lack of planning doesn’t diminish the fun.

Don’t come to this Event in Bermuda expecting to see spectacular vessels. Instead, you’ll see participating teams manning thrown together rafts made of just about anything they could get their hands on. There are no rules when it comes to what can be used to create a vessel to use in the Non Mariners Race.

Past participants have used kiddie pools, shovels, sinks, pallets held up by rain barrels and other creatively-used items. In addition to creating vessels that can float, many also like to put on a show. Spectators love seeing what will come next as they observe from shore or from boats. There is no telling what you might see: scenes from movies, boxing matches, and lots more.

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