Bermuda Attractions FAQs
 Attractions in Bermuda, Royal Navy Dockyard

Attractions in Bermuda FAQs

Browse these frequently-asked questions about Attractions in Bermuda near Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa.

When you stay at our Oceanfront Bermuda Resort, you’ll be near some of the most popular Bermuda Attractions. Whether you want to explore natural wonders like the Crystal Caves or learn a bit about the area’s history at nearby Museums, you’ll find Attractions in Bermuda that will interest you. As you plan your visit, take a few minutes to read through these frequently-asked questions about top Bermuda Attractions.

Q: We’re planning a stay at your Bermuda Resort, and are wondering if you could suggest a few of the top Attractions in Bermuda located near Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort.
A: Guests at our Bermuda Resort will find that there are many Attractions in Bermuda nearby. Whether you want to learn about local history or visit the gorgeous natural Bermuda Attractions, there is something you’ll enjoy. Some of the top Bermuda Attractions located near Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa are Bermuda Crystal Caves, Dolphin Quest, the National Museum of Bermuda, Bermuda Forts, and Bermuda Gardens.

Q: Are there any Bermuda Attractions near your Bermuda Resort that can help us learn about the history of Bermuda?
A: Yes! There are Bermuda Attractions near our Bermuda Resort to help you learn about local history. The National Museum of Bermuda highlights the history of the area. The Bermuda Forts are another great option.  If you’re more interested in natural history, then Attractions in Bermuda like the Crystal Caves are sure to delight you.

Q: We’ll soon be visiting your Bermuda Resort, and have heard there is a place nearby where we can swim with dolphins. Can you tell us anything about that Bermuda Attraction?
A: Yes! Dolphin Quest is a hugely popular Attraction in Bermuda that is loved by visitors of all ages. Guests at our Bermuda Resort can enjoy a variety of experiences at Dolphin Quest. There are options for visitors ages 3 and up. Whether you choose a 30-minute experience or the ultimate Trainer for a Week option, this Attraction in Bermuda is sure to be a highlight of your visit at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa.

Q: I’ve heard that the Bermuda Crystal Caves are beautiful, and we’d like to visit during our upcoming stay. Is this Bermuda Attraction located near your Bermuda Resort?
A: Yes. The Crystal Caves are a very popular Attraction in Bermuda, and they are located a short distance from our Bermuda Resort. Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort Activities are enough to keep our guests busy, but if you do want to explore some of the nearby Bermuda Attractions then the Crystal Caves are an unforgettable option.

Q: While we’ll probably spend most of our time on the beach, we would like to visit a couple of nearby Attractions during our stay at your Bermuda Resort. Could you suggest some nearby Attractions that we shouldn’t miss?
A: Many of the guests at our Bermuda Resort hardly ever leave the beach during their stay, but there are some Attractions in Bermuda that are worth seeing. Some of the Bermuda Attractions that we suggest are the Bermuda Crystal Caves, Dolphin Quest, and the National Museum of Bermuda are a few of the options. If you’d like other suggestions for offsite Activities or Attractions near Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa then feel free to ask a member of our staff.

Q: I am excited to visit the National Museum of Bermuda. Can you tell me what types of exhibits I can expect to see at that Bermuda Attraction?
A: The National Museum of Bermuda is a popular Attraction located near Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa. You’ll find several fascinating exhibits at the Museum including The Slave Trade and Slavery in Bermuda, Local Watercraft, Prisoners in Paradise, U 505 Captured, Bermuda and the West Indies, and many more. In addition to the permanent exhibits, the Bermuda Attraction also hosts temporary exhibits such as Shipwreck Island and The Warwick Project: A Window Into 17th Century.

Q: Bermuda Attractions: Are there any Attractions in Bermuda that our kids might enjoy during a stay at your Bermuda Resort?
A: When guests at our Bermuda Resort ask about Attractions in Bermuda that kids would enjoy, Dolphin Quest is always at the top of our list. This fun Attraction gives visitors a chance to swim with dolphins and learn about their training, habits, and more. Available experiences range from a 30-minute encounter to a Trainer for a Week program.

Q: We’ll be staying at your Bermuda Resort this summer, and were wondering if the Bermuda Forts an Attraction in Bermuda that is open to the public?
A: Yes! Several forts are Bermuda Attractions that provide a glimpse into the history of the area. During your stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa, consider visiting some of these historic Attractions in Bermuda. 

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