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Bermuda Restaurants FAQs

Bermuda Dining: Read through these frequently-asked questions about Bermuda Restaurants.

As you explore the options for Dining in Bermuda, you will find Bermuda Restaurants to satisfy all types of cravings. Whether you want to enjoy a casual meal or indulge in a fine Bermuda Dining experience, there are nearby Restaurants that you will love. While you plan your stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa, browse these frequently-asked questions about Bermuda Restaurants.

Q: Bermuda Dining: As we plan our stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort, we are wondering if you could recommend some nearby Bermuda Restaurants for us to try during our visit.
A: Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa offers fabulous onsite Bermuda Dining options, but we understand that some of our guests like to go off of the resort to try some of the nearby Bermuda Restaurants. Whether you want to enjoy casual or fine Dining in Bermuda, there are Restaurants to suit every taste. Some of the Restaurants near our Oceanfront Resort in Bermuda are La Trattoria, Harbourfest Restaurant, L’Oriental, Blu, and many others.

Q: Does your Bermuda Resort have any onsite Dining options? We don’t mind going off of the resort to find a great Bermuda Restaurant, but we’re hoping we’ll have the option to enjoy a few meals onsite.
A: Yes! Our Bermuda Resort offers 4 onsite Dining options. Each of the Bermuda Restaurants on Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa boasts amazing ocean views that make any meal even more special. The onsite Bermuda Dining options on our Resort are Mickey’s Bar & Bistro, Café Lido, Sea Breeze, and Blue Point.

Q: I am planning to propose to my girlfriend while staying at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort. Is there a very special, upscale Bermuda Restaurant nearby where we could go to celebrate?
A: Absolutely! If you want to propose with a gorgeous ocean view as a backdrop then consider popping the question at Café Lido, one of our onsite Bermuda Dining options. There are also plenty of offsite Bermuda Restaurants that are worthy of such a special occasion. A few of our top suggestions are Waterlot Inn, Blu, and Fourways Inn.

Q: I’m excited to learn about the best Bermuda Dining options, but I also want to visit some of the lesser known Bermuda Restaurants where I can eat like a local. Any suggestions?
A: Paraquet Café is a popular Bermuda Restaurant that locals love. If you want to sample amazing fish chowder and other local favorites then this Bermuda Dining spot is a perfect choice. Grab a stool at the counter and order the fish chowder, the wahoo salad, or the delicious codfish breakfast. Try to save room for dessert – the lemon meringue pie is fantastic.

Q: As a seafood lover, I have great anticipation for the options for Dining in Bermuda during my visit. What are some of the best Bermuda Restaurants for seafood that are near your Bermuda Resort?
A: It won’t come as any surprise that you can enjoy just-from-the-sea fish at many Bermuda Restaurants. Café Lido and Blue Point are 2 of our onsite Bermuda Dining options and both serve delicious seafood. Harbourfront Restaurant and Blu are 2 of the offsite spots for Dining in Bermuda where you can enjoy some of the best local seafood.

Q: We’d love the chance to enjoy some Bermuda Dining with a view of the ocean. Is there a Bermuda Restaurant nearby that offers beautiful ocean views?
A: Yes! And you don’t even have to leave Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa. Some of the Bermuda Restaurants with the very best ocean views are located right onsite at our Bermuda Hotel. Blue Point, Sea Breeze, Café Lido, and Mickey’s Bar & Bistro all offer beautiful views, fabulous food, and great service that make any meal special.

Q: I know Italian food might not be the first thing most people think of during a stay at a Bermuda Hotel, but I love to try the best Italian food everywhere I visit. Do you have any suggestion for a great spot for Dining in Bermuda Italian style?
A: If you want to enjoy a night of Bermuda Dining at an Italian Restaurant then you’ll be happy to know that there are many nearby Bermuda Restaurants where you can feast on authentic Italian cuisine. Some of our top picks for Italian Dining in Bermuda are La Trattoria and Little Venice.

Q: During our upcoming stay at Elbow Beach Resort, we’d like to enjoy Bermuda Dining on a Dinner Cruise. Are there any companies that offer dinner cruises?
A: Yes. A dinner cruise is a fabulous way to enjoy a meal during your stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa. You’ll be out on the water under the clear blue skies while feasting on a fabulous meal. The Concierge at our Oceanfront Bermuda Resort will be happy to make suggestions about which local companies are offering dinner cruises during your stay. 

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