Bermuda Events FAQs
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Bermuda Events FAQs

Looking for Bermuda Events? Here are some frequently-asked questions about Events and other Bermuda Things to Do.

Many Bermuda Events take place throughout the year near our beautifully-appointed Bermuda Oceanfront Resort. If you’re planning a stay at Elbow Beach Resort & Spa then take a few minutes to read through these frequently-asked questions about popular Events in Bermuda.

Q: I’ll be staying at your Bermuda Ocean Front Resort during the summer, and I’m wondering if there are any popular Bermuda Events that take place nearby.
A: Yes! Many popular Bermuda Events take place near our Oceanfront Bermuda Resort, and this is especially true during the summer months. If you’re looking for Bermuda Things to Do during your stay then consider attending Bermuda Heroes Weekend, the Newport Bermuda Race, the Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship, the Sand Sculpture Competition, or one of the other fun Events in Bermuda that take place nearby.

Q: I’ll be staying at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort during the Non Mariners Race. I’ve read about this Event in Bermuda, and it sounds like a lot of fun. Do you know if I’ll be able to sign up to participate once I get there?
A: The Non Mariners is a hugely popular Event in Bermuda. The fun of this Bermuda Thing to Do is that, while some plan their vessels for months, it is possible to throw something together at the last minute – as long as you’re creative. Participating in this Bermuda Event is something that you’ll remember for years. Even if you don’t choose to participate, if you’ll be at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa at the end of July then take time to be a spectator at this fun, unique Bermuda Event.

Q: Bermuda Events: Is the Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition only for professional artists or can anyone enter?
A: The Sand Sculpture Competition is a Bermuda Event that draws some of the very best sand sculpting artists, but it is also open to amateurs. Divisions of this Event in Bermuda allow kids, teens, families, and tourists to try their hand at creating something out of the sand. Whether you choose to participate or watch, this Bermuda Thing to Do will be a highlight of your stay at Elbow Beach Resort & Spa.

Q: We’ll be staying at your Bermuda Resort during the Christmas holiday. Are there any holiday Events in Bermuda that take place nearby?
A: Yes! Holiday guests at Elbow Beach Resort & Spa will find Events in Bermuda to help celebrate the season. One popular such Bermuda Event is the Christmas Walkabout. Organized by the Bermuda National Trust, this holiday Bermuda Thing to Do includes the chance to see and enter beautifully decorated historic homes, chat with reenactors dressed in period clothing, listen to classic carols, and more.

Q: Is it true that all of Bermuda shuts down for Cup Match? What is so special about this Event in Bermuda?
A: It is true that the Cup Match is a very big Bermuda Event for locals and for visitors. While most local businesses do shut down during this Event in Bermuda, you can be assured that you’ll still be very well taken care of during your stay at our Oceanfront Resort in Bermuda. If you’ll be here during Cup Match, be sure to watch a match!

Q: My family will be staying at your Bermuda Hotel this summer, and I’m wondering if you could recommend any Events in Bermuda that my kids would enjoy?
A: There are so many Bermuda Things to Do for kids that there is never a reason to be bored during stay at our ideally-located Bermuda Resort. One of the Events in Bermuda that kids (and adults) love is the Sand Sculpture Competition. You can enjoy a day at the beach and watch as talented artists create beautiful sculptures using nothing but sand and water. You can even enter the competition as there are categories for kids, teens, and tourists.

Q: What are some of the sailing-related Events in Bermuda that take place near your Bermuda Resort?
A: There are many sailing-related Events in Bermuda that take place near Elbow Beach Resort & Spa. Viper North American Race, Newport Bermuda Race, and Annapolis to Bermuda Ocean Race are a few examples. Another sort-of-sailing-related Bermuda Event that takes place nearby is the Non Mariners Race. During this Bermuda Thing to Do, participating teams build vessels using whatever items they can piece together. This fun Event in Bermuda is a hit with both locals and tourists.

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