Holidays in Bermuda FAQs
Holidays in Bermuda, Bermuda Resort

Holidays in Bermuda FAQs

Planning to spend the Holidays in Bermuda? View these frequently-asked questions about spending the holiday season at our Bermuda Resort.

Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa is a fabulous choice when you’re planning to spend your Holidays in Bermuda. Our Bermuda Resort offers an array of onsite Bermuda Things to Do, Dining, and more. Look through these frequently-asked questions about spending the Holidays in Bermuda.

Q: I’m planning to stay your Bermuda Resort for Christmas. Are there any nearby Bermuda Dining spots where we can enjoy Christmas dinner?
A: Yes! When you choose to spend your Holiday in Bermuda at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa, you can enjoy onsite dining options or visit one of the nearby Bermuda Restaurants that are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You’ll find that you won’t have to go far to enjoy a wonderful Christmas Dinner during a stay at our Bermuda Resort.

Q: Could you please recommend some Bermuda Things to Do during a holiday stay at your Bermuda Resort.
A: One top Bermuda Thing to Do on Christmas Day is to head to Elbow Beach where you can spend time with people from around the world. During Holidays in Bermuda, Elbow Beach is a popular gathering point for people from around the world. Expatriates and visitors celebrate together on the beautiful pink sand beach located near our Bermuda Resort.

Q: This year, we are spending our Holidays in Bermuda. I’d like to finish up my Christmas Shopping once I get there. Are there some places for Shopping located near your Bermuda Resort?
A: Absolutely! Shopping is a very popular Bermuda Thing to Do near our Bermuda Resort. There are many Shopping destinations located near Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa. You can read about some of the top Shopping spots in our Bermuda Shopping Guide.

Q: Your Bermuda Resort will be our holiday home this year. Are there any nearby holiday Bermuda Events that you could recommend?
A: Yes! Christmas guests at our Bermuda Resort will find many Bermuda Things to Do nearby. Some of the most popular Holiday Events in Bermuda are the Christmas Walkabout in St. George, and the Hamilton Christmas Parade. Whether you just want to relax and enjoy the view or spend your days enjoying lots of holiday Bermuda Things to Do, a holiday stay at our Bermuda Resort is a perfect choice.

Q: We’re spending Christmas at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort. Will most of the amenities on your Bermuda Resort be available during the holidays?
A: Many of the amenities at our Bermuda Resort will be available if you choose to spend your Holiday in Bermuda at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa. The average temperature in December is about 68 degrees F, so you can still enjoy lounging on the pink sand beach, hiking, and many other top Bermuda Things to Do. 

Q: Our family is going to enjoy Christmas at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort, but we’d also like to enjoy a dinner sans kids. Is babysitting available at your Bermuda Resort?
A: Yes! When adults want to enjoy some Bermuda Things to Do on their own, Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa offers onsite babysitting. Don’t worry about your kids being bored while they are in our care. Our Bermuda Resort has plenty of Activities for kids, so while you’re off having fun, your kids will be making their own memories of their time in Bermuda. We do ask for advance notice if you’ll require babysitting services during your stay.

Q: Do you offer Accommodations that would be appropriate for an extended family? Also, are there Bermuda Things to Do for kids onsite at your Bermuda Resort?
A: Our Bermuda Resort does offer Accommodations that are perfect for a large family’s Holiday in Bermuda. One option is our Geranium Cottage. This beautiful cottage sits right on the beach and will comfortably sleep 6 guests. Another option for a family stay at our Bermuda Resort is to book multiple rooms. Because the holiday season is not our peak time, you can enjoy great rates at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa.

Q: We’re excited to be spending Christmas at your Bermuda Resort. Are there any traditions that we could observe that are popular with locals?
A: If you’re looking for Bermuda Things to Do during the holidays that will make you feel like a local then you’ll have to eat some Cassava pie. This is a Bermuda national dish that has been a favorite of locals for more than 300 years. This sweet cake is a must on the table for a holiday dinner in Bermuda. Cassava is made with butter, eggs, vanilla, and shredded cassava root and then layered with chicken and other meat. There is also a local Christmas dessert: Christmas pudding. This festive dessert is made with cherries, candied citrus peel, raisins, spices, and brandy, and it comes to the table flaming.

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