Shopping in Bermuda FAQs
Bermuda Shopping, Shopping in Bermuda

Bermuda Shopping FAQs

As you plan your Bermuda Activities, browse these FAQs about Shopping in Bermuda.

Shopping is a popular Bermuda Activity, and there are several stores located near our Bermuda Resort. If you’re planning to do some Shopping in Bermuda during your stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa then you will want to take a few minutes to read through these commonly-asked questions about Bermuda Shopping.

Q: I might like to enjoy some retail therapy during my stay at your Bermuda Resort. Is Shopping in Bermuda a popular Bermuda Activity?
A: Yes! Bermuda Shopping is a popular Bermuda Activity. Whether you’re looking for jewelry, clothes, souvenirs, or anything else, you’ll find nearby stores that will have just the thing. Our Concierge will be happy to help you find just what you’re looking for.

Q: Picking up a new piece of jewelry during each vacation is a sort of tradition of mine. Could you suggest some nearby spots for jewelry Shopping in Bermuda?
A: Absolutely! If you want to do some Bermuda Shopping during your stay at Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa then you will find that there are many wonderful jewelry stores nearby. Some of best places for doing this type of Shopping in Bermuda are Davidrose, Crisson, Alexandra Mosher, and Atlantic Jewelry.

Q: I’m planning a stay at your Bermuda Hotel, and I’m wondering you can recommend a place where I can read about some of the top spots of Shopping in Bermuda?
A: Yes! Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa has put together a helpful Bermuda Shopping Guide that includes descriptions of some of the area’s most popular places to enjoy Shopping – a popular Bermuda Activity.

Q: Bermuda Shopping: I want to bring back souvenirs that are a little more special than the typical items such as coffee cups or keychains. Could you suggest a store near your Bermuda Resort where I could do some Shopping in Bermuda for fun souvenirs?
A: There are many places near Elbow Beach Resort where you can do some Shopping in Bermuda for souvenirs. One good choice is Island Shop. You’ll find locally designed created glassware, textiles, and more. If you’d like more suggestions then feel free to ask our Concierge for suggestions.

Q: Shopping in Bermuda: I have heard that Somers Wharf is a great place for Bermuda Shopping. Is this Shopping destination located near Elbow Beach Resort?
A: Shopping is a popular Bermuda Activity, and Somers Wharf is a fun place to spend a few hours browsing the shops, or grabbing a bite to eat. Somers Wharf is home to art studios, jewelry stores, craft shops, and more. Somers Wharf Tavern offers fresh lobster, nachos, and other food. The cocktails at Somers Wharf are also worthy on note, so enjoy a drink during your Bermuda Shopping outing.

Q: I’m planning a holiday stay at your Bermuda Resort, and I’d love to be able to finish up my Christmas Shopping after I get there. Are there many places for Shopping in Bermuda located nearby?
A: If you’d like to finish up your holiday Shopping in Bermuda, you’ll find a number of stores located near Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort & Spa. One great place for holiday Shopping is Somers Wharf. You’ll find a variety of shops and boutiques. Other options are Island Shop, where you will find lovely locally-made items. If you’re looking for something specific, ask our Concierge where you may be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Q: I have heard that Bermuda Clayworks is a wonderful place for Shopping in Bermuda. Can you tell me what I might expect to find during a visit to that store?
A: Bermuda Clayworks is a popular spot for Shopping in Bermuda. If you visit this store then you’ll find a variety of items including brightly-colored tableware, signs for homes and businesses, family crests, and more. Stores like Bermuda Clayworks are why Shopping is such a popular Bermuda Activity. 

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